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Mind Detox

​A talk therapy whereby we aim to identify and resolve the often hidden mental and emotional causes of unhealthy behaviours, negative emotions and  life problems, in a quick and effective manner.

Trauma Therapy, Hove
Trauma Release

​By using Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping on parts of your face and body whilst repeating certain phrases), we work specifically on releasing the trapped emotions relating to specific trauma.

EFT Therapy in Hove, East Sussex

Our treatment room in High Salvington, Worthing,

West Sussex
Please click the Enquire button below to contact us for further details.

Online therapy sessions are also available.

Please click the Enquire button below to contact us for further details. 


Tue:      11am -  4:00pm

Weds:   11am -  4:00pm

Thurs:  11am  -  4:00pm

Fri:        11am  -  4:00pm

Sat:       11am  -  4.00pm

For Online therapy, some out of hours appointments are available. 

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