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Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage dates back over hundreds of years and was developed using massage techniques from places such as China, Japan and Korea.

This gentle massage targets the feet and lower legs. It is a deeply relaxing and energising treatment for the mind and body. Thai Foot Massage has elements of Chinese massage, Reflexology and Shiatsu incorporated into the treatment and is performed using the fingers, thumbs, palms and knuckles.


A traditional Thai stick is also used to apply acupressure and rub various reflex points on the feet, which correspond with the body’s internal organs. This improves oxygen flow, relieves tension, and helps to promote a feeling of mental clarity and general wellbeing.


It’s excellent for runners, footballers or cyclists, for those who have been on their feet all day, or just as a pick me up treat for yourself. For whatever reason, you won’t be disappointed with a Thai Foot Massage.

  • 60 minutes - £50.00

Thai Foot Massage in Hove, East Sussex

“Corrina’s Thai Foot Massage is a wonderful experience. She has a very nurturing and grounded presence, and I felt well looked after. The treatment was deeply relaxing but Corrina gets right into the knots and niggles too, which as a runner I found incredibly useful. Highly recommended!”

- Hannah Moss  

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